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   The Providence of God
by Farley

   Discovering God's Will
by Ferguson, Sinclair

   Heart for God
by Ferguson, Sinclair

   Finding the Path
by Foster, Roger

   Handbook on Private Foundations.
Available through Amazon.com - ISBN: 0-87954-404-X.
by Freeman, David F.

   Decision Making and the Will of God
by Friesen

   The Inheritor’s Inner Landscape: How Heirs Feel.
Blacksburg: Trio Press, 1994. Available at www.inheritance-project.com, cost $13.00. ISBN: 0-9699195-1-4.
by Gibson, Katherine, Barbara Blouin & Margaret Kiersted.

   Working with Inherited-Wealth Clients: A Guide for Professional Advisors.
Blacksburg: Trio Press, 1995. Available at www.inheritance-project.com, cost $6.00. ISBN: 0-9699195.
by Gibson, Katherine, Margaret Kiersted & Barbara Blouin.

   The Call: Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose in Your Life
by Guinness, Os.

   Claiming God's Promises: a Guide to Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
by Hawkins, Thomas

   Children of Paradise.
New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1990. Book is out of print, however, Amazon.com will query their network of used bookstores and send an update within a week.
by Hausner, Lee. Ph.D.,

   The Art of Giving.
Atlanta: Kobrey Press, 1994. Book available from author at 770-449-8869, address: Dr. John Edmund Haggai, Haggai Institute, PO Box 13, Atlanta, Georgia, 30370. The book is free, but a donation is appreciated.
by Haggai, John Edmund. Paul J. Meyer

   Harnessing the Power of the Charitable Remainder Trust. Fourth ed. Charlotte, NC: PhilanthroTec, Inc., 1998. Book available at PhilanthroTec at 800-332-7832,
cost: $70.

by Hoffman, Marc D., and Leland E. Hoffman, Jr.

   Family Wealth: Keeping It in the Family.
New Jersey: Hughes & Whitaker, 1997. ISBN: 0-966391-50-0. Available through Amazon.com
by Hughes, Jr., James E.
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