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Most Requested Family Office Services

The Twelve Most Requested Family Office Services
Counselors 1. Clarification of Vision and Mission, Decision-making Processes,
Ranked Priorities/Principles, Provisions for Heirs,
and Plans to Prepare Successors/Heirs
Analysts 2. Documentation and Reporting
Planners 3. Transfer of Control/Mgt/Ownership/Cash Flow
4. Comprehensive Cash Flow/Inheritance Planning
Adviser Coordinators 5. Coordination of Trust Maintenance
6. Coordination of Philanthropic Projects
Binders/Publishers 7. Comprehensive Illustrations and "Blueprints"
Licensed Implementers 8. Portfolio Management (RIA)
9. Tax and Compliance Work (CPA)
10. Legal Document Execution (JD)
11. Risk Management (Insurance Professional)
Evaluators/Educators 12. Family Meetings and Education

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Plus Phase 4
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Trust Services
Create and organize estate planning documents
Update estate planning documents because of changing circumstances $150/hour Included
Update Schedule A each year to list current assets  
Update Schedule B each year to list insurance policies  
Provide telephone and personal conferences related to the above services 90 days
Document services with faxes, copies, letters at no extra charge 90 days
Review estate planning file based on a completed checklist  
Transfer Assets to Trust
Update balance sheet to show which trusts own each asset        
Prepare conveyance of California real estate into or out of trusts 3 properties 5 properties 5 properties 5 properties
Prepare conveyance of non-California real estate into or out of trusts $365/each $200/each $200/each $200/each $200/each
Transfer promissory notes and deeds of trust 60 days
Transfer securities 3 accounts 5 accounts
Transfer life insurance 3 policies 5 policies
Assist in transferring bank accounts 3 accounts 5 accounts
Transfer closely held business entities $500/each $500/each $300/each $275/each $250/each
Create secure and personalized site for adviser team access    
Generate client presentations "as of" any date    
Maintain secure and personalized site for client access    
Manage and share client documents and presentations securely    
Alert automatically by email when portfolios exceed asset allocation tolerances      
Provide a rebalancing tool that allows dynamic reallocation of assets      
Integrate with Morningstar principia or advisor workstation for further analysis        
Prepare client invoices using highly-flexible billing system        
Store security prices and performance records for historical reporting        
View gain/loss amount for each position with detailed open tax lots        
Asset Allocation
Create firm-specific risk profile questionnaire to identify appropriate investment policy    
Define current asset class weightings and associate to a specific benchmark      
Assign an asset class to a third-party manager for ease of reporting and management        
Create unlimited asset allocation models by asset or asset class percentages        
Create unlimited firm specific asset classes        
Designate firm-specific, Morningstar, or Dow Jones asset classification        
Support unlimited firm-specific, Morningstar, or Dow Jones indexes models        
Create client holdings reports    
Create trade blotters (based on relationship to firm)    
Create management fees based on trading discretion      
Identify assets by managed, unmanaged limited, full      
Classify accounts/assets by trading discretion        
Comprehensive Planning
Calculate multi-year net worth, cash flow, and tax projections        
Create goal-based and cash flow-based planning scenarios        
Education Planning
Calculate "kiddie tax" for dependents filing tax returns      
Assign assets to education goals    
Handle custodian accounts and contributions to those accounts    
Illustrate additional contributions to education plans    
Plan college funding goals for children, grandchildren or planned children    
Provide Monte Carlo simulations of actual versus proposed education model    
Run analysis for multiple education programs    
Estate Planning
Calculate federal estate and state death taxes    
Generate flow charts to illustrate net proceeds to heirs, charit    
Model estate tax options, with post 2010 rate    
Illustrate various trust scenarios (CST, ILIT, CRT, etc)      
Create "at death" financial statements, based on previous "as of " date      
Handle lifetime or testamentary gifting (50, 30, 20%)      
Track previous gifts and future growth on gifts      
Calculate or override probate and administration fees        
Handle complex ownership structures (FLP, RLT, LLC, etc)        
Illustrate various trust scenarios (CST, ILIT, CRT, etc)        
Show impact of retirement an education plans on projected net worth, cash flow,
& tax reports
Use minority interest and marketability rates for discounting values        
Lifetime (Future) Planning
Create unlimited periodic and lump sum savings strategies    
Update plans with current financial information    
Compare alternative strategies in side-by-side comparison presentations      
Cover cash flow dificits with automatic redemptions      
Create future cash flow events      
Create transfer/gifting strategies from/to account      
Maximize qualified employee/employer contributions      
Provide basic tax planning for business professionals      
Provide pricing for stocks, bonds, funds, annuities, etc      
Portfolio Management
Alert automatically by email when portfolios exceed asset allocation tolerances    
Calculate TWR before and after management fees      
Calculate TWR for individual and multiple portfolios      
Calculate TWR for single asset or asset class      
Calculate TWR pre/post taxes (federal and state)      
Capture end-of-day cash flows      
Change bond coupon on regular/arbitrary dates      
Compare performance vs. Common indexes      
Compare performance vs. Custom blended indexes      
Display individual security performance IRR      
Employ linked internal rate of returns (IRR)      
Handle all types of bond transactions      
Handle all types of mortgage-backed securities      
Track accrued interest across rate/date changes      
Track interest rate changes for indexed securities      
Track securities, partnerships, real estate assets      
Value portfolios to handle all portfolio cash flows      
Value portfolios to show all portfolio cash flow details      
plus TMA
Retirement Planning
Control timing of social security benefits    
Deplete or preserve retirement capital    
Provide Monte Carlo simulations of actual versus proposed retirement model    
Calculate required minimum distributions (RMD)      
Control liability payoff for any time period      
Adjust defined benefit plans for inflation before or after receipt of benefits      
Assign assets to retirement goals      
Change growth rates from year to year      
Create multiple income goals for different periods      
Create periodic investments or withdrawals with tax consequences      
Enter all types of contribution plans with employee amount and employer match      
Enter other government benefit plans (civil service, railroad retirement, etc)      
Enter survivor benefits before or after receipt of benefits      
Handle deferred compensation plans showing retirement cash flow      
Handle deferred compensation plans with appropriate tax treatment      
Override inflation, growth and discount rates, etc      
Project from cash flow and/or capital needs      
Prorate employee contributions across specific or generic assets      
Select priority/sequence for asset depletion      
Set asset growth rates for firm, by asset or class      
Specify exact employee contributions into specific assets or asset classes      
Test employee contributions for deductibility and "catch-up" contributions      
Risk Protection - Insurance
Allow withdrawals in cash surrender values and policy loans      
Control investment of policy proceeds      
Define insurance start, index, benefit period, and waiting period      
Ensure goals and expenses are adequately covered      
Handle all types of insurance      
Support changes in premiums and death benefits      
Summary Highlights
Calculate daily time weighted returns (TWR) and internal rate of returns (IRR)      
Capture trade-date transaction accounting by tax lot      
Handle all types of products including partnerships and real estate      
Integrate portfolio with planning and practice seamlessly      
Produce accurate after tax time-weighted returns for both federal and state tax      
Produce composite portfolio reports for any period for any group of portfolios      
Report TWR/IRR by asset/asset class/investment/account/portfolio      
Aggregate account positions from unmanaged sources        
Maintain accrual accounting for dividends/interests        
Price securities daily for accurate reporting and calculations        
Taxes and Cash Flow
Generate Monte Carlo comparisons for each financial goal    
Handle federal and state tax calculations    
Report TWR/IRR by asset/asset class/investment/account/portfolio      
Maintain tax basis for realized gain/loss reporting        
Assign cash flow items to household members and accounts/assets        
Attach cash flow items to accounts/assets for systematic purchases/withdrawals        
Capture business-use assets for schedule c tax reporting        
Create alternative cash flow items for future projections        
Create current and future cash flow projections        
Generate basic or detailed tax presentations        
Handle any cash distribution with complete tax implications        
Handle options (ISO/NSO) while maintaining amt tax consequences        
Produce accurate after tax asset class IRRs for both federal and state tax        
Provide flexible tax reporting (1040 format, schedule a-e details)        
Set specific begin and end dates for cash flow items        
Wealth Counseling/Blueprinting
Provide web-based project management reports    
Redirect all tax savings to family or charity    
Develop a zero-tax plan      
Illustrate how proposed and implement results improve on original numbers      
Summarize all planning strategies on an easy-to-update flow chart      
Perform "what if" calculations to find optimal income tax tools        
Automatically track payments to and from each account and entity        
Illustrate lifetime cash flows and taxes for each tool and for the whole plan        
Provide detailed text, numbers, and flowcharts for each planning tool        
Update plan automatically using a web-based interface        
Conduct family meetings to unite family members around a shared vision        
Standard Pricing - Subject to modification prior to engagement Included $250 - 400/year $2,000 - $12,000/year $4,000 - $18,000/year $4,000 - $24,000/year

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