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Project Management

When planning team members work together in unity, clients achieve their goals. Unified planning begins and ends with tracking details. We must confirm that advisers are properly ranking and quantifying clients' goals, working within their roles, maintaining clear workflows, considering the cash flow consequences of each decision, and responding promptly when control systems indicate problems. We must use the control systems to help clients and advisory team members have regular access to numbers, graphics, checklists and paragraphs of text describing next actions necessary to achieve client goals.

Clients must have confidence that they are driving the process but they need regular reports to confirm that planning team members have clear roles, goals, workflows and cash flow projections with appropriate oversight and controls.

An experienced lead adviser must oversee the planning staff and the systems used to track details. This is especially important when planning involves the 6 sides of the Rubik's cube summarized throughout this brochure. When a lead adviser is supported by trained staff and proven systems, clients consistently minimize taxes while maximizing benefits for retirement, family, and favorite charities. More important, using processes with reliable reporting helps clients experience much greater peace of mind.


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