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http://vfos.com/webdocs/CAPABLEflowcharts.pdf 7 Level CAPABLE Before/After Flowcharts. These charts show the tax savings before and after integrating advanced strategies. A much more complete and current summary of before and after numbers is available in the book at www.ZeroTaxCounsel.com.
www.t-e-a-m-solution.com/Growth Adding Tax Alpha Over 80+ Years. This chart shows the benefits of avoiding taxes when managing money. This line chart shows how most investors during a recent 80 year period had a dramatic (and avoidable) reduction in portfolio value because of unnecessary taxes.
www.BestToolsManual.info Best Tools Resource Manual ("BTRM"). This book provides two-page strategy flyers to explain 75 of the Best Planning Tools for Asset Protection, Business Income, Business Succession, Capital Gains, Charitable, Estate, Executive Benefit, Insurance, Lifetime Wealth Transfer, Portfolio, and Retirement Income Planning Provided by Wealth Strategy Counselors. Page one of each strategy flyer include a picture of a typical client along with a case study and a summary of the best prospective clients for the strategy. Page 2 includes a bar chart, flow chart, or other graphics to illustrate the potential benefits available to a client who implements the strategy. A short version of the book is available for insurance professionals showing the wisdom of investment grade life insurance for funding income tax, business succession, asset protection, charitable, and zero tax planning solutions. A partial list of strategies is available here: Familyofficelaw.com/Webdocs/R4PA_130624.pdf. Many of the strategies use Zero Tax Planning concepts explained at www.ZeroTaxCounsel.com.
MVMLawyers.com/A-BigDocs BIG DOCS. Big Docs are Balance Sheet, Income Statement (or Income Tax) and Goals information, as well as legal documents for existing trusts or business entities, are the "BIG Docs." Prospects should provide these before an initial meeting. See www.FreeIC.info for information about free first meetings. See www.MVMLawyers.com/4webinars for information about $500 strategy sessions to prepare advisers for meetings. Any adviser or prospective client is welcome to supplement the BIG Docs with the full array of client information referred to as the BALTIC info. To complete the BIG Docs fact finder, go to vfos.com/BIGDocs
Business Succession STEP Handout. This is an 8-page brochure that explains how tax planning is aligned with strategic planning in the business succession process. Charts illustrate how tax savings should be far greater than the costs of designing, drafting, and funding the trusts used in a business succession plan. This version of the brochure is designed to be printed and saddle-stapled. For professionally-produced hard copy brochures, please contact info@MatsenVoorhees.com
Familyofficelaw.com/webdocs/Brochure-CapitalGainsTax.pdf Capital Gains 2016 STEP Handout. This summarizes the need for capital gains tax planning and highlights a few of the tools that can minimize, defer, or eliminate taxes on capital gains.
Chapter 1 from The Best Zero Tax Planning Tools. This is an excerpt from the book described at www.ZeroTaxCounsel.com. Chapter 1 explains how tax money can be redirected to retirement, family and charity in a way that increases personal wealth and enhances philanthropic impact. Clients see how they can direct taxes (involuntary philanthropy) to favorite charities (voluntary philanthropy) in ways that can put more money in trusts for retirement and family. The Preface includes responses to the six most common concerns raised about zero tax planning. Concepts in Chapter 1 are made practical in the case study detailed in Chapter 9, which is also available for free from www.ZeroTaxCounsel.com.
http://vfos.com/webdocs/Chapter9Booklet140212.pdf Chapter 9 from The Best Zero Tax Planning Tools. This excerpt from the book described at www.ZeroTaxCounsel.com includes Chapter 9 and the conclusion of the book. Chapter 9 explains how Thomas and Virginia Smith integrated 12 planning tools to save more than $8 million of taxes and perpetuate a meaningful legacy into the next generation. The book emphasizes the integration of charitable and non-charitable tools to help convert involuntary philanthropy (taxes) into voluntary philanthropy (gifts to favorite charities) in ways that enhance wealth available for retirement and family.
Comprehensive CDQ - Confidential Data Questionnaire - HDLQ -- This "hard data" questionnaire asks questions about Balance Sheet, Asset Management, Legal, Tax, Insurance, and Cash Flow documents; e.g., the "BALTIC" data. Clients can fill in blanks on the PDF and then email the completed form to their case manager with Voorhees Family Office Services, Inc.
Drafting Irrevocable Trusts. This February 2011 article from Estate Planning Magazine is a sequel to a related Estate Planning article in September 2007 on the Best Zero Tax Planning Tools. The article equips advisers with essential information for drafting, implementing, and funding irrevocable trusts. It suggests how most or all of America's 8 million millionaires should need irrevocable trusts after 1/1/2013.
Eating and Sleeping Better with Captives. This article from the fourth quarter 2010 issue of the Journal of Practical Estate Planning uses graphics to explain how business clients can benefit from the use of a Captive Insurance Company. The article is written to explain captives to a typical business owner with a taxable estate.
Eating and Sleeping Better with Captives. This two-page article from the August 2010 Insurance News uses graphics to explain how business clients can benefit from the use of a Captive Insurance Company. The article is intended for professional advisers.
http://24-7-Plan.com Explains how VFOS does Financial Plans for under $10 MM Net Worth Clients. This website explains the one-stop planning resources available through the Family Office Services division of Matsen Voorhees Mintz LLP. See also http://vfos.com/Plan
http://www.zerotaxplan.com/caseplanning.php Explanation of the Advanced Case Planning Service Bureau. Dave Holaday, the director of case planning, reviews how advisers around the country use the back office capabilities developed over 15+ years. Service bureau capabilities are all available to all Virtual Advisers, Allied Advisers, and Channel Members when they need assistance in creating client deliverables that are more advanced than those available through vBlueprint.com. Channel Members receive the greatest freedom in customizing deliverables; they also pay the lowest cost for service bureau access.
http://vfos.com/webdocs/BParticle_Spring08.pdf Family Office Capabilities. This article explains how clients can take advantage of opportunities offered through a Multi-Family Office. The article reviews how the best MFOs offer zero tax planning, wealth blueprintings, wealth counseling, legacy (vision) funding, and one-stop family office services. (From Best Practices Magazine - Spring 2008).
www.FamilyWealthBlueprint.com Family Wealth Blueprint® - This website lists the 23 benefits of developing a Blueprint. A PDF version of this website is available for clients who would like to see a hard copy brochure. Please note: The 23 benefits of the Family Wealth Blueprint ("FWB") are available when a client pays for a full FWB with all strategies integrated into a comprehensive plan with lifetime cash flow and inheritance projections; the cost for the full FWB ranges from $12,000 to $24,000 because of the 100+ hours required to create the FWB. Nonetheless, low cost tactical blueprints are available for 20 common legal documents when clients hire Matsen Voorhees LLP for designing, drafting, and funding of QPRTs, IDITs, CRTs, and similar legal instruments.
http://vfos.com/webdocs/FYVtrifold130714.pdf Fund Your Vision brochure – This brochure displays images of the client’s dreams on the left inside panel and images of a flow chart on the right panel above a bar chart showing less estate tax, less income tax, more for family and more for charity. Between the left and right inside panels is a description of the CAPABLE planning process. On the back are results from 7 typical cases and a list of next steps.
http://vfos.com/Collaboration Getting Other Advisers on Board. Effective Collaboration. This is a recorded webinar developed by Dave Holaday. Dave reviews how Family Office Services has implemented hundreds of cases while using a proven process to unite members of the planning team
http://vfos.com/webdocs/325-MotivateWithIncentiveTrusts-2006A.pdf Incentive Trust Provisions: This article indicates how families can replace boilerplate trust language (e.g., transfer all wealth when each child reaches age 35) with customized language that respects how God designed each beneficiary. Well-worded incentive trust provisions can discourage negative behaviors and encourage the actions and attitudes that honor the family's values.
INCOME TAX 2016 STEP Handout. This summarizes the need for income tax planning and highlights a few of the tools at the top of the tax efficiency pyramid. The strategies generally work well for taking deductions against business income, growing assets tax-free, and distributing assets tax-efficiently. Two of the techniques in the brochure can offset taxes on required minimum distributions from retirement plans while accumulating capital in investment grade insurance contracts that pay tax-free income.
IRD Planning. This slide show summarizes 10 common IRD assets. Graphics show how much of the value can be lost to taxes. The second part of the slide show illustrations how a client can minimize IRD taxes on an annuity. For other IRD planning solutions, please contact info@vfos.com.
Matsen Voorhees Mintz LLP Corporate Brochure. This brochure explains how the law firm has unique skills and technologies to integrate the risk management, investment, estate planning, income tax, business succession, and philanthropic planning to solve the planning puzzle.
New Opportunities for Family Offices. There are big opportunities for CPA firms, law firms, and financial planning firms that offer family office services. As explained in this article, from the Insurance News January 2011 issue, Multi-Family Offices ("MFOs") are taking the place of Single Family Offices ("SFOs") because of new regulations. Professional firms can caplitalize on this new opportunity by licensing marketing, case planning, training, and other resources to open MFO departments. Such departments help advisers attract and serve millionaire clients much more effectively. Advisers should email info@vfos.com for more information
www.vfos.com/Phase1 Phase 1 Brochures – This brochure summarizes the Phase 1 FWS, FC, and VPL while showing how the Rubik's Cube puzzle can be solved to help the donor fulfill a vision for building a "castle in the sky."
www.vfos.com/Phase2 Phase 2 Article – This article summarizes the zero-tax blueprinting benefits during Phase 2.
Planned Giving Solutions brochure -- This brochure shows how a charity can raise more than 70% of its annual budget using planned giving tools such as CLATs, CRTs, and DGAs.
http://vfos.com/R4PA Resources for Professional Advisers. This brochure summarizes more than 60 tactical plans used by CPAs, lawyers, and charitable development officers. Advisers can contact info@vfos.com for details about 15 "toolkit elements" that are available to explain some of the tools. Elements include PowerPoint slides, white papers, talking scripts, fact-finders, etc. The brochure is designed to help channel advisers generate more referrals.
http://vfos.com/webdocs/Sample_CashFlow.xls Sample Income Statement. The sample income statement is otherwise known as a cash flow statement or budget. We need an understanding of expected annual cash inflows and outflows to determine which assets should fund different types of trusts and what investment policy statement is most appropriate for each trust. When the client (or the client's case managers) completes the whole client guide, then it should not be necessary to email the income statement linked to the left.
http://vfos.com/webdocs/197-samplelistofgoals_2007A.doc Sample List of Goals. The goals should be ranked and quantified. At the top of the ranked list, we normally have desired annual income, desired amounts to transfer to children or grandchildren, and specifics about the amounts and timing of cash outlays for second homes, vacations, college education, etc. The process of ranking and quantifying goals helps spouses and advisers develop the consensus that precedes selection of the proper legal and/or investment tools. Ideally, the summary of goals should clarify not just when the clients want to transfers assets to beneficiaries but also when clients want to transfer cash flow, control, and management responsibilities.
http://vfos.com/FormADV TEAMS Form ADV, Part 2A and Part 2B. This is the adviser disclosure verification updated March 2016.
www.ZeroTaxCounsel.info The Best Zero Tax Planning Tools Flyer. This book, updated with new 2014 numbers, is entitled, The Best Zero Tax Planning Tools: How to Maximize Tax-Efficient Lifetime Income, Transfers to Heirs and Gifts to Favorite Charities. The first 6 chapters equip advisers with a proven process for integrating charitable and non-charitable tools to help clients decrease taxes, enhance retirement income, increase transfers to heirs, and augment charitable giving potential. The last 3 chapters include practical case studies that illustrate how clients can dramatically lower taxes while achieving a variety of financial and non-financial goals. Appendices review 200 services and 300 planning instruments used to help clients achieve any of 100+ goals.
The Family Office Is Open For High-Net-Worth Business. This article explains how insurance producers can help wealthy clients manage their legacies by providing services through a Multi-Family Office. (From Insurance News Magazine - October 2009)
http://vfos.com/CFO This video explains how VFOS works with a business owner. A successful Chief Financial Officer needs an efficient and cost-effective way to organize financial data while spotting variances from projections. Our web-based CFO systems help financial officers at small and mid-sized companies access technology previously available only to the largest companies. See also http://vfos.com/CFO
http://vfos.com/CPA This video explains how VFOS works with a CPA. Clients love how "one-stop" multidisciplinary ("MDP") planning integrates tax law advice with investment, insurance, accounting, business succession, and philanthropic planning. Such MDP planning works best if the planning team is accountable to a Certified Public Accountant ("CPA") in a fully transparent manner. Our systems monitor how members of the MDP team work together in a fully transparent manner while providing regulary reports to a third-party CPA.
TimVoorhees.com Tim Voorhees bio
http://vfos.com/CharityDonors Video presentation for charities and donors. This presentation reviews how our law firm can enhance traditional planning by providing access to advanced instruments for re-directing more tax savings to trusts for retirement, family or favorite charities.
http://vfos.com/Millionaire Video presentation for clients with net worths typically between $1 MM and $5 MM. This is a draft of a slide show for clients of any net worth. It explains how our planners can translate their vision and dreams into a plan. This will be updated with more uniform graphics and before/after numbers to illustrate client benefits. A variation of this slide show will probably be used in the Copenbarger 2009 client seminars
http://vfos.com/TaxableEstate Video presentation for clients with taxable estates (usually over $5 MM). This is a draft of a slide show to use with prospects and clients who have taxable estates. It explains how Family Office Services can team up with tax lawyers to provide fully-integrated planning for individuals needing advanced income and/or estate tax planning.
http://www.24-7-wealthdashboard.com/ Wealth Dashboard Brochure – This web brochure explains how Matsen Voorhees LLP monitors plan implementation success online. See also http://vfos.com/Dashboard
www.Wisdom4Wealthy.info Wisdom for the Wealthy. This books explains the process used by Matsen Voorhees Mintz LLP to provide expertise in the areas of sophisticated asset protection, estate planning, business planning, and income tax planning services to affluent individuals and families, prestigious institutions and successful business owners. The authors are Jeffrey R. Matsen, Tim Voorhees and Jonathan A. Mintz. These men have nearly 100 years' experience providing technical expertise, resources and planning team coordination to handle not only local cases, but sophisticated national and international matters as well.
Resources for Professional Advisers. This brochure summarizes 61 Strategy Flyers for helping clients in 12 areas. During consultations with clients, an adviser can use this list to show strategies that may be most relevant to the client and then offer to customize the numbers for the client. As shown on strategies flyers, like the sample at During initial consultations with clients, an MV attorney will show which of the strategies may be most relevant to the client and then offer to customize the numbers for the client. In most cases, the benefits will be at least 100 times greater than the costs. Most costs are covered by income tax savings in the first year. Matsen Voorhees staff members are trained to coordinate the design and drafting of the instruments below with funding solutions offered by referring investment and insurance advisers. , the benefits of the strategy can be 100 times greater than the costs. Most costs are covered by income tax savings in the first year. Matsen Voorhees staff members are trained to coordinate the design, drafting and funding of the instruments in this brochure.