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Why You Should Attend

The following list of 14 tools is a small sampling of over 200 tools you can use to serve your clients. Understanding these 14 tools will show you how, by serving your client’s best interest, you can also serve yourself by:

Liquidating illiquid assets tax-efficiently and managing the money

Identifying more life insurance opportunities and placing larger policies

Charging planning fees for the value of your wisdom

Generating additional legal fees

Generating additional accounting fees

We will show you how to spot opportunities to use these tools and how to generate sufficient client interest to obtain very high implementation rates. Your workshop fee includes a white paper on each of these topics along with a full-color, client-friendly illustration.

U.S. Treasury Circular 230 requires that this firm advise you that any tax advice provided was not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used by you, for the purpose of avoiding penalties that the IRS could impose upon you.