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How Do Attorneys and Wealth Advisers Work Together to Provide Family Office Services that Solve the Planning Puzzle and Answer the Following Six Questions?
1. Lifetime Income Tax Planning: Does your planner help you generate more after-tax income from earned and investment sources?
2. Estate Tax Planning: Does your planner help you calculate the amount of inheritance for each heir no matter what year you die or implement tax elimination strategies?
3. Business Succession Planning: Does your planner help you put in place a plan to transfer your business tax-efficiently to the next generation of owners and managers?
4. Risk Management: Does your planner help you evaluate exposure to risks that can be minimized with asset protection trusts, captive insurance companies, and insurance trusts?
5. Charitable Planning: Does your planner show you how to convert involuntary philanthropy (taxes) into voluntary philanthropy to increase after-tax retirement income and transfers for family?
6. Trust Funding/Investments: Does your planner work with your investment adviser to improve returns after-taxes?