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We focus on helping wealthy clients fulfill their hearts' desires, realize their dreams, and leave meaningful legacies. Our process begins with development of a Family Wealth Statement that summarizes the goals of the family patriarch and/or matriarch (or business associates) in a concise and compelling document that will guide attorneys, accountants, other advisors, or heirs in using family wealth to uphold the family's values.

While creating a Family Wealth Statement for you, we enter into discussions about how your current legal and financial documents may fail to achieve your family's goals. We can summarize the strengths and weaknesses of your existing financial and estate planning documents in a Financial Checkup, which reviews financial, legal, business succession, insurance, investment, and related issues. Because the Financial Checkup often focuses attention on the gaps between the client's goals and the objectives of the current plan, we are often asked to prepare a proposal for how we would create a new plan that lowers taxes, increases transfers to heirs, enhances charitable giving potential, augments retirement income, or achieves other important personal or financial goals. For a nominal fee, we will include a Value Proposition Letter in your Financial Checkup.

The Value Proposition Letter will typically show how the planning process can produce substantial benefits for heirs and charity while reducing or eliminating taxes. The Value Proposition Letter quotes the fee for planning, which is always a small percentage of the benefits to be derived. It includes a summary statement of the reasons for engaging us to prepare either a simple tactical plan or a comprehensive plan.

A Tactical Plan looks at just one of the more than 200 planning instruments that we can illustrate. Such plans are generally inexpensive and easily implemented. After preparing the Tactical Plan, we like to have our clients engage us to prepare a Comprehensive Plan. There are more than a dozen benefits related to upgrading a tactical plan into a Comprehensive Plan.

Please contact us to discuss how we can develop any of the documents described above to help you most effectively fulfill your heart's desires, realize your dreams, and leave a meaningful legacy for your family and favorite charities.

U.S. Treasury Circular 230 requires that this firm advise you that any tax advice provided was not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used by you, for the purpose of avoiding penalties that the IRS could impose upon you.