"BIG DOCS" are the Balance Sheet, Income Statement (or Income Tax Returns) and Goals information, as well as legal documents for existing trusts or business entities. So that they can receive the most value from a consultation with our attorneys and planners, prospective clients should provide these BIG Docs before an initial meeting. See for information about free first meetings. See for information about $1000 strategy sessions to prepare advisers for meetings. Any adviser or prospective client is welcome to supplement the BIG Docs with the full array of client information referred to as the BALTIC info. (BALTIC info include data from balance sheet, asset management, legal, tax, insurance, and cash flow documents.) To complete the BIG Docs fact finder, go to

Why do we request the above information? Here are brief explanations:
  • Balance Sheet data helps us determine if you are exposed to capital gains taxes, estate taxes, or other transfer taxes.
  • Income Statement data helps us determine if you are paying unnecessary income taxes. Ideally, we like to develop a budget to estimate your sources and uses of cash flow for the current year and future years. This helps us confirm that you have ample money for living expenses when putting extra cash into vehicles that can generate deductions.
  • Goals show us where you want to direct your cash and assets now, during retirement or at death. Having ranked and quantified goals is very important as we select, customize, integrate, and fund different types of legal and financial instruments.
  • Documents (for trusts and business entities). With goals in one hand and assets in the other, we think through how assets will flow through your legal entities (LLCs, partnerships, trusts, etc.) to achieve your goals. We usually find many opportunities for improvement when reviewing existing trusts and business entity documents.