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Speaking directly to the planning concerns of wealthy families.

Objective 6:
Overcome frustrations expressed by wealthy families

Having served dozens of families with significant wealth, Family Office Services has encountered numerous concerns and issues among families relating to the planning process. These factors have been part of the impetus behind the philosophy and methodology that differentiate us from other wealth planning resources. As you evaluate your existing plan and team of advisors, consider the following issues encountered by others:

Many wealthy individuals express frustration over the conflicting recommendations received from their team of advisors, including the CPA, lawyer, insurance agent, stockbroker, private banker and charitable planner. A frequently asked question is, "How do I unite my planning team around a plan focused on my purpose and objectives?"
Some say the planning process is painfully long, sometimes dragging on for months or even years without finalization.
Others complain about receiving planning recommendations and products that seem too expensive, too risky, too complex, or are otherwise inconsistent with their objectives and the issues that concern them the most.
Many are confused after reviewing a thick planning document that fails to summarize or translate projected planning results into clear concise balance sheets and income statements.
Others wonder about the effectiveness of planning because they are not given the means to track the impact of their advisors' recommendations.
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