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Read what participants say about our workshop

"On Thursday morning I attended an Estate Planning Seminar put on by the law firm of Brown & Streza, LLP from Irvine. The speaker was Tim Voorhees, JD, MBA.

I want to thank you personally for your valuable contribution to our recent Wealth Counselors Summit.† Your presentation was very well prepared and delivered with clarity and authority, not to mention enthusiasm. "

~ George Huff, President, American Benefits Institute

"On Thursday morning I attended an Estate Planning Seminar put on by the law firm of Brown & Streza, LLP from Irvine. The speaker was Tim Voorhees, JD, MBA.

I have been in this business for 45 years and have heard many attorneys speak, as I am a long time member of The San Diego Estate Planning Council. This was the best presentation I have ever heard as to how a personís estate should be planned and protected. "


"Tim Voorhees offers an amazing blend of detail and creativity - a fascinating combination and rare. :^)"

~ R. J. Kelly, Founder & Managing Principal, Wealth Legacy Family of Companies

"Your Best Tools Workshop was great. I am very enthusiastic about what you're doing. There is little question that it will be of great benefit to clients."

~ Hugh J. McDonald, President, HJM Financial Group

"Tim Voorhees is the most competent estate/business planning attorney I have every had the pleasure of doing business with in my 26 years in this business."

~ Robert C. Jugan President/CEO, Security and Freedom Partners Ins Agy, Inc.

"The Best Tools Workshop was great....the most enlightening of any session I've attended in many years. It's nice to know there is someone else on the planet who shares the same passion for this Wealth Planning buisness as I do."

~ Bill Lindsey, President, Lindsey Pension Corporation

"The Best Tools Workshop was an extremely good seminar. Tim's passion for the subject really shows through. He is very inspirational to me and my practice."

~ Jim Junio, CPA

"I thought the slides presented were great summaries of the advantages of each tool and its target users. They provide 'sound bites' we can use with our clients to highlight appropriate planning strategies."

~ Sue Marsh, CPA, Family Wealth Counselors, LLC

"Excelling in the arena of working with high net worth clients requires the introduction of unique ideas. Tim has equipped me to differentiate myself from other advisers when working with high net worth clients."

~ Levi B. Edgecombe, CCU, ChFC, CFP, Edgecombe Wealth Succession Strategies, LLC

"The tools and strategies presented were some of the most creative and innovative techniques I have ever seen presented anywhere."

~ Neil R. Covert, Attorney at Law

"Tim's planning team provides tons of great information. They do their work in a very timely and well organized manner."

~ Richard D. Orred, President, Family Legacy Advisors, Inc.

"It is soooooo great that I can work with someone that not only is an expert in wealth management but also has the processes and infrastructure to deliver them."

~ Dave Jones, Select Portfolio Management, Inc.


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