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13. Planning Process

The model above explains how the CAPABLE process begins with a discovery session. The Wealth Advisers adapts the discovery session to the client's needs. If the client has clarity about his or her goals, and if the client can provide details about his or her financial and legal documents, then the Wealth Adviser can immediately begin preparation of the Value Proposition Letter. When the client has such clarity at the beginning of the process, the client can typically complete the Discovery Session in less than two hours and pay less than $1,000 for the Value Proposition Letter.

If, as is usually the case, the client lacks clarity about goals or current legal and financial affairs, then the Wealth Adviser will conduct a Family Retreat, during which the client and his or her spouse or significant others will clarify answers to about 55 questions regarding the transfer of wealth, the payment of taxes, the fulfillment of dreams, and related topics. If the client lacks clarity about his or her current legal and financial documents, the Wealth Adviser will produce a Financial Checkup. This document typically analyzes the client's current plan in light of income tax, insurance, investment, estate tax, retirement planning, business succession, and executive compensation issues.

The Value Proposition Letter makes a case for why the client should engage the Wealth Adviser for planning during Phase 2. During Phase 3 the planning team implements the plan. There may also be an additional Phase 4 engagement during which the client engages the Planner for quarterly or annual reviews.

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