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27. Proposed Plan Flowchart

After viewing the flow chart of the current plan, most clients want us to improve the bottom line. We integrate a variety of planning tools, as shown above, to provide more wealth for family members and charities by reducing what the client pays in taxes. All proposed plan flow charts are not created equal! Our flow charts have five key benefits:

1. We do not use cookie-cutter templates. We can illustrate any combination of 200+ planning tools.
2. We track which assets fund each planning tool. This avoids the nightmares that occur too often when lawyers are asked to draft documents for plans not developed in full view of which assets will fund different tools.
3. We track the basis, ownership, and yield on each asset throughout the planning process. In this way, we can easily generate year-by-year balance sheet and cash flow numbers.
4. We can easily re-optimize the plan in response to changing tax laws, balance sheets, or goals. By making appropriate changes in one place, all of the pages in the plan can update automatically. This efficiency allows us to charge less and deliver more value.
5.  We provide very attractive graphics customized with the client's information.

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